Safety Review & Controls

Safety Review & Controls

A hazard is any workplace condition that could cause injury or illness to an employee. The potential for employee injury and harm are great unless the hazards of the job are controlled. SMARCA Safety is available to come to your jobsite or production facility to help you anticipate potential hazards, recognize and identify hazards that exist, evaluate hazard risk, and control hazards.

The type of hazard identification and control will be personalized to your operations, specific hazards, and needs. Common methods include:

  • Jobsite Safety Surveys / Audits
  • Production Facility, Shop, and Storage
  • Surveys (includes AWAIR)
  • Equipment Safety & Hazard Analysis
  • Process/Job Safety & Hazard Analysis
  • Material Safety & Hazard Analysis
  • Inspection Checklists
Involving company management, safety personnel, and employees in the process produces the best results.If you need a Safety Reviews our Safety Director will be happy to assist you in developing your specific Safety Program.

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